Together with Pieternel Boer and Lee Mason we started an educational cooperation called Integral Higher Education.

Our mission is to bring positive change on all levels of higher education. Focus on personal growth and your contribution


Hart lichter‘Education of the heart’ is a new theme that is becoming more widespread in higher education. Together with Avans, IIS & UvA we are designing and giving workshops to help grow a positive mindset that is needed to learn and grow as a person, both students and teachers. The content is based on the science of happiness.

Why are you learning and what for:

  • What is really important to me?
  • What am I really good at?
  • What do I enjoy doing?

During the course we see the transformation from understanding yourself better, appreciate yourself and testing what you have to bring. The why is the driver of a learning process how you grow as a person to where you want to be.

The future of education

Our dream is that education is truly inspiring where all involved grow and flourish. Education will enable you to make a positive contribution to others and the world. Go to our site (dutch) to learn more or download our product flyer

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