The Design Challenge

At the end of an intense MBA programme you are almost ready to take on the world. For HULT in Shanghai we, Selma Steenhuisen and me designed and delivered the 4-week module Authentic Leadership. Our challenge: How can we support students to reflect on what the year has brought them, create a personal vision ahead and take it a step further, showing their true leadership capacity to the world?

“Authenticity is the positive outcome of enlightened and informed motivation rather than a negative outcome of rejection of the expectations of others.”

– Erich Fromm

Summary and outcome

Two teams presented their prototype of an actual, real world challenge they truly cared about. We challenged MBA candidates to get out of their comfort zones, find creative solutions while at the same time dealing with multiple project deadlines and priorities.

IMG_0627Making the module, tools and methods

To take the lead in an increasingly challenging world the most important question you have to ask yourself: “why should anyone follow you?”

Walking the red thread of team, execution and reflection we introduced several tools to increase leadership skills. Our approach is to focus on results and practise with the team to monitor the process  at the same time. Being authentic, sharing strengths and disclose weaknesses is not as easy as it sounds.

We delivered several methodologies and tools:

Authentic Leadership kickoff v1.001

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