Burning Question

Harry Wesseling, Commercial Director of Magis010 and social entrepreneur, asked me to lead a venture with key partners Wellant College and Gemeente Rotterdam. Find a way to improve employability while at the same generate more turnover. Quite a challenge!

“How can we create business models where ’triple helix’ collaboration is of great value to the region?”

Picture by Edwin Stoop



Start to map different stakeholders, to see who is interested to collaborate, to find win-win-win. How can we support local innovative entrepreneurs and help them scale their activities, bringing together knowledge, business and politics. In return, we can profit from the small yet effective way local entrepreneurs are running their business.


We’ve organised 5 meetings and invited primarily local entrepreneurs and education to map the challenges we face. The possible overlap in goals are starting points for collaboration and finding the necessary funding and expertise. As a result, different parties successfully started projects. Improving the network while Gonneke Leereveld, change manager at Wellant continues to work on the bigger picture, a regional platform for innovation and collaboration.

Finally I recommended Uit Je Eigen Stad as key partner in building a more sustainable production chain and finding new markets to meet our goals. As spin-off we’ve developed several business models for the future of Magis 010 who faces the challenge of employability, education and economic sustainability. Actual challenges which influence many people with low education in the food industry. Slowly but steadily we improve on all three.

See for more information the Blog and Website of Magis010 (dutch)

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