After several team startups and getting more enthusiastic about Scrum, I decided to become Agile coach:

  • someone who appreciates the depth of agile practices and principles and can help teams appreciate them, too
  • someone who has faced the big dragons, organizational impediments, and has become a coach to managers
  • someone who can help at all levels of the organization to understand the benefits of working agile
  • someone who has brought ideas from professional facilitation, coaching, conflict management, theater, and more, to help the team become a high-performance team-the way you always imagined a team when you allowed yourself to dream

This was written by Lyssa Adkins, who wrote a great book. So I went to San Francisco to learn from the best how to help teams to get breakthrough results, building on my experience as facilitator and scrummaster.

I realised walking on the streets of San Francisco that my journey started at the Kaospilots. This international business school has taught me the value of facilitation. It has defined my range what teams can do and how they evolve. It radically changed how I want to work: to collaborate toward meaningful impact.

I believe that work can be meaningful and fun while creating the results that are needed.